Our main Services

INDEAR provides R&D services throughout the product development line. From genomic data generation in the gene discovery phase, proof of concept and product development, to products registration in pre-commercial stage.

In its laboratories, INDEAR features highly qualified work groups in the areas of genomics and bioinformatics, molecular biology, synthetic biology and protein technology. The areas are consolidated with a platform for tissue culture and plant transformation, and with a multidisciplinary group focused on the development of technologies in the field. Also, we have an experienced Regulatory Affairs team with a proven track record.

INDEAR provides high quality resources to support research and development from hypothesis to product development.

In addition to our primary services, we are available for consulting on different funding for R&D projects (grant/credit) and public/private partnership.

IP Analysis – Patent-related studies
Synthetic Biology

Proof of Concept
Genetic Transformation
Controlled Conditions Efficacy Trials

Early Development
Molecular Characterization
Field Efficacy Trials
Event Selection
Fermentation (Lab-Scale)

Advanced Development
Regulated Field Trials
Variety Breeding
Fermentation (Pilot-Scale)
Dossiers Submission

Seed Increase
Plant Variety Protection
International Deregulation

Target service areas


INDEAR has established itself as a service provider for the agriculture and agro-biotechnology sectors. We have more than 10 years of experience in obtaining and deregulating transgenic events, and in the development of soybean and wheat varieties.


Since 2011, INDEAR has managed to consolidate an area dedicated exclusively to the development of solutions for the industrial sector based on biotechnology. Through synthetic biology, process engineering, metabolomics and fermentation, solutions are developed to expand the use of feedstocks.


From basic research to translational medicine, INDEAR has capabilities well-adapted to the most diverse sectors that use biotechnology as the main tool to accelerate product development.