Breeding & Field Testing

Pergamino Field Station

The experimental field of Pergamino has 54 hectares, which are intended for field trials.
It also has two greenhouses of 200 square meters each, to make increments, generational advances in off-season and crossings of different crops, and 1,500 square meters of space divided in two warehouses with a seed conditioning facility.

Roldan and satellites field stations

The experimental field of Roldan has 20 hectares where field trials are carried out. The company also has several satellite locations in the provinces of Santa Fe, Córdoba, Buenos Aires and Entre Ríos.



There is a field evaluation platform consisting of a plot planter, application equipment and a harvesting equipment that includes a self-propelled combine harvester, reaper and static threshers. There is also a truck unit for moving the machinery.


In the INDEAR building there are 250 square meters of high-tech glass greenhouses, with cooling systems by evaporative panels and extractors, and underfloor heating; cold chamber for the storage of seeds, and breeding chamber with controlled conditions of temperature and photoperiod.