Breeding & Field testing

We have great experience in the management of regulated materials, we have carried forward and completed the deregulation in Argentina of soybeans, safflower and alfalfa technologies. We conduct agronomic, nutritional and environmental equivalence trials from which are obtained materials and information, necessary for the deregulation of transgenic events in the country.

We apply the most advanced plant breeding techniques assisted by molecular markers for the selection and evaluation of wheat, soybean, alfalfa and safflower crops.

Our services involve crossing blocks and technologies efficacy evaluation trials at greenhouse and/or field level, through to the generation of new commercial varieties.

Under controlled conditions in a greenhouse or breeding chamber, efficacy of technologies can be evaluated. In the field, technologies, products and varieties are evaluated in comparative performance trials.

With the aim of obtaining new commercial varieties registered in the country, we carry out breeding programs. We have operational and design capabilities, from crossings to Plant Variety Protection, through generational advances, comparative performance trials, commercial development, increases and seed classification.

Main Services

  • Crossing and introgressions
  • Efficacy field trials in breeding chamber, greenhouse and field
  • Comparative performance trials
  • Environmental safety field trials
  • Seed and grain increases
  • Seed classification at pilot level
  • Other trials: Doses/response studies
  • Special projects

Implementation and monitoring of activities under Stewardship

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