Pilot Plant


Value-adding and innovation from bioprocess engineering

INDEAR has a pilot plant dedicated to the production of recombinant enzymes expressed in safflower seeds. The plant has been operating since early 2012.

The first enzyme in our line of production is the bovine chymosin; this is one of the first products for the food industry at global level using processes related to Molecular Farming. The plant integrates to the INDEAR’s R&D array of platforms, operating as a single unit for the development of state-of-the-art technologies involved in the production and recovery of biomolecules.

Through bioprocess engineering and sophisticated techniques of protein recovery, our company is at the frontier of technological innovation related to Molecular Farming.

Molecular Farming – Plants as bioreactors

In order to produce biomolecules, plants use solar energy and soil borne nutrients, thus turning into bioreactors . This efficient use of energy translates into a highly competitive technology.

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Process engineering for the production of biomolecules

INDEAR is pioneer with its platform for production and recovery of commercial-interest proteins from safflower seeds, which implies huge challenges in terms of design and innovation of processes for the entire Engineering Team.

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