conicet[1]The relationship between INDEAR and CONICET is governed by a framework agreement by which the latter loans for use a piece of land located in CCT-Rosario, where research facilities shall be built. CONICET also commits to provide support through the tools in force to promote research activities in the private sector.

The purpose of the creation of INDEAR is to develop research focused on addressing issues making a high financial impact on the farming industry. The Institute is set to establish a new model for the strategic integration between CONICET and the private sector in the scientific-technology field, where CONICET will contribute with qualified research resources and INDEAR will provide funds, management and competences for the technology transference.

The intention of INDEAR is to deliver financial value and social benefit through the development of products and services in the agricultural biotechnology industry. On that basis, it shall implement a research program in response to current and potential needs of the farming industry, focusing particularly on the application of genetic engineering techniques, genomics, proteomics and bioinformatics.