Success Stories

First Genome Of A Patagonian Bacterium

Since it was discovered by the CRIDECIT research team (Centro Regional de Investigación y Desarrollo Científico Tecnológico)- (Regional Center of Research and Technological Scientific Development) directed by Dr. Héctor M. Álvarez, this genome has become the first Patagonian bacterium to be decoded genetically in the country.

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Bioremediation Of Hydrocarbons

In the Environmental Microbiology Lab of the Centro Nacional Patagónico (CENPAT-CONICET) (Patagonian National Center) from Puerto Madryn, we study the microbial communities that inhabit the marine environments of the Patagonia, in particular, its participation in processes of hydrocarbons biodegradation.

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Sequencing Of The Pseudomonas Extremaustralis Genome, A Bacterium That Produces bioplastics Highly Resistant To Stress

Our Laboratory studies bacteria that produce Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA). PHAs are reserve polymers, exclusively of Prokaryotae , which are interesting for their plastic properties and biodegradability. They increase bacterial survival and resistance to stress. Our approximation consisted in searching organisms capable of producing these characterisitcs in extreme environments.

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