biotec_soja_surBiotecsojasur was one of the regional consortia promoted by the Biotecsur platform. These consortia consisted of academic and private sectors integrated in order to work on issues of common interest.

The general purpose of this project was to characterize genes and/or technologies derived from their functional analysis, which may deliver added value to soybean grown under water and health stress conditions, through the consolidation of a reticular space for public/private work in the MERCOSUR and within a frame of environmental, economic and social sustainability.

Te results of this network provided for the training of human resources in vacancy areas of the four countries, mainly in Paraguay. The consolidation of this “virtual institute” leaded to give their members access to advanced, next generation technology applicable to other production chains.

This project provided for the development of advanced biotech tools intended to contribute to the knowledge generation about tolerance mechanisms against water stress and resistance against fungal pathogens of increasing importance, to the identification and functional characterization of candidate genes involved in these processes, and of molecular markers associated to traits of interest, in order to help and improve the efficiency of the genetic improvement of soybean.